Arena Funding Agreement Template

ARENA, which receives a final decision on ARENA funding to support the project, are recommended deserving proposals for sub-projects. Proposals for sub-projects must be presented in the I-Hub sub-project project. This model provides the minimum information required for the proposed project for the i-Hub project evaluation process. ARENA is the main funder of the i-Hub and each i-Hub sub-project must meet ARENA`s funding requirements. Here are some of the restrictions highlighted: To qualify for funding based on the i-Hub arena, your proposed project: Use these documents only as a guide – always get the last directly by the administrator The objectives for the i-Hub project are achieved by the following results: The proposal must be supported by a summary of the I-Hub sub-project, to ensure that the confidentiality of the information you have can be protected and that i-Hub can ensure that those who assess the benefits of the sub-project do not conflict with or have a particular interest in the proposal. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc nec hendrerit ante, sed sagittis ante. Proin ornare augue non maximus lacinia. Nunc id ipsum felis.

Morbi mi diam, rhoncus quis mi quis, bibendum pharetra nulla. Donec quis odio nunc. Pellentesque ullamcorper lectus sed sapien interdum mattis. Nunc quis venenatis magna, ac congue risus. Maecenas consectetur arcu sed pretium feugiat. Suspends interdum, tellus a elementum consequat, risus urna efficitur odio, ut hendrerit enim nisl at ante. Nulla pulvinar, nibh nec scelerisque iaculis, nunc dolor posuere urna, nec scelerisque purus quam quis metus. Mauris pulvinar tempus euismod. Ut augue nibh, lacinia non sem sit amet, gravida tincidunt ex. Donec tempor felis nec porttitor porta. In dictum auctor nisi, tincidunt volutpat nibh posuere vestibulum. If the answer is „yes,“ you can fill out an expression of interest document to allow i-Hub to determine whether a formal project proposal is appropriate.

. The i-Hub project is based on three interconnected activity streams: ARENA-supported projects under the „Affordable and Innovation Innovation Hub“ (i-Hub) aim to: demonstrate the use of integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) with renewable production – both on and off the ground – and a reduction in demand in order to maximise the value of renewable production and thus promote maximum use of local production and electricity grid. A sub-project proposal will first be evaluated on the basis of eligibility criteria. Proposals for sub-projects that meet the eligibility criteria and have high merits are then reviewed by the i-Hub Steering Committee and a recommendation is developed. A project presentation may be required to support this phase of the evaluation process. Applications for i-Hub can be submitted at any time. Please send if you need more information. If necessary, project proponents may be assigned an i-Hub activity manager to mentor the development of the project proposal. . The i-Hub has given priority to the following key areas, which must be addressed by individual i-Hub sub-projects: once the formal i-Hub application is received and accepted, it is forwarded to the I-Hub sub-project proposal – approval procedure.

The approval procedures for ARENA-funded i-Hub sub-projects are detailed in the i-Hub ARENA guidance document for sub-project evaluation criteria (for more information via e-mail).

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