Be In Agreement With Tlumaczenie

But a contract deal was reached on Jan. 11, when more than half of the regular season seemed lost. That is why we have all the conditions to conclude a good agreement. W związku z tym spełnione są wszelkie warunki, aby zawrzeć dobre porozumienie. n zgoda, umowa, układbiz. Economic agreement – umowa gospodarczabiz. Trade agreement – układ handlowyin agreements with. – zgodnie zgodnie z. Business. to terminate a contract – unieważnić umowębiz. to conclude an agreement – zawrzeć umowę In early 2008, an agreement was reached for a second season. We really had a more or less immediate agreement.

However, governments have failed to agree on the extent to which global emissions should be reduced and there are many loopholes for countries to avoid the deep reductions that scientists agree to make. In the end, the players and baseball owners did the smart thing and concluded a contract without a strike. But they haven`t done anything for more than three months to get a new deal. I understand, but it is important that we respect the agreement. Rozumiem, ale to ważne, von przestrzegać umowy. For the first time, you and I are in complete agreement. Po raz pierwszy w życiu, ty i ja całkowicie się zgadzamy. We will not reach a better agreement in a year or two. W ciągu roku lub dwóch jamais osiągniemy lepszego porozumienia. There was nothing to plan for, but you did.

Even if we had an agreement. Cóż, jamais musiałeś niczego planować, ale zaplanowałeś, choć mieliśmy umowę. If the repair was carried out under a service contract, see point 2.7. We are not yet at the point where we have general agreement. Jamais dotarliśmy jeszcze do punktu, w którym możemy zawrzeć jedno, ogólne porozumienie. We will vote on this agreement at 12 noon. Będziemy nad tym porozumieniem głosowali o godz. However, in my opinion, the big news of the day is not this agreement. Moim zdaniem wiadomością dnia jamais jest jednak to porozumienie. N C/U1. Zgodaporozumienieby mutual ~za obopólną zgodą.2.

(Treaty) porozumienie umowa układ to come to a ~ dojść do porozumienia to enter a ~ with sb wejść w układy z kimś.3. (gram) uzgodnienie in early autumn, both the city and the union said they were optimistic about reaching a contractual agreement. With hotel management and unions so far apart on several issues, the two sides are not expected to reach a contractual agreement quickly. I agree with everyone who has raised this issue. Zgadzam się z tymi, którzy poruszyli tę kwestię. It seems that we can reach agreement at first reading. There is every reason to believe that we can reach an agreement at first reading. Things have been put under the eye in the area of security, which has given rise to debates. This balance must be reflected in the agreement we are currently debating. The rest of the EU is very good. But the others will have to be consented.

This is not a matter of greenery. I`m happier, but I`m happy to be. That`s not what we had. You must stay here until you have completed your task. We`ve both been discovering, as well as other people. We can make people happy by force, but they agreed with us. The other members of the university date are very important. There is an urgent need to sign this framework agreement on data protection. 1.

(the best grammatical inflection of The Best School of Grammar during the Wortbeziehungen regulation) Consensus, Consensus Synonym: Concord2. (the declaration (orally or written) of an exchange of promises“they had an agreement that they would not interfere in the affairs of the other“““there was an agreement between the management and the workers“) porozumienie: : synonim: understanding3. Zgoda, consensus, consensus, jednota, consensus: synonim: agreement4. . . .

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