Boat Consignment Sales Agreement

The owner thus grants the shipper the exclusive right to sell this vessel during the term of this contract. Start date of the term:_____________ The owner guarantees that the description and presentation of this vessel, which appear below and on the technical sheet, are accurate and accurate and undertakes to make the shipper, his representatives and collaborators harmless resulting from an alleged misrepresentation of facts with respect to the potential buyer, as long as the alleged misrepresentation is in accordance with the data provided by the owner. The owner also guarantees and declares that these (boat, engine, trailer) and its equipment comply with the current rules and regulations of the Coast Guard. . 10. The owner is responsible for all legal documents relating to the sale of the (boat, engine, trailer). . 3. For services provided by the shipper, its representatives and staff during the sale of this vessel, the payment to the sender is equal to 10% of the sale price, or at least 1000.00 USD, whichever is greater, plus a processing fee of 100 USD. Or an agreed minimum for owners of $__________ .

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