Cambridge Public Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

Before Fort Wayne, he ran Haverhill Schools for seven years. Robert Gilman, current chair of the Haverhill School Board, said Fowler-Finn was his best and toughest superintendent he had ever known. Fowler-Finn set academic standards for Haverhill, increased enrollment and placed a number of women in high-level positions. [July 1, amended July 23, 2006] Finally, we can get a superintendent who is not afraid to take action to improve schools, and these fools are now talking about expelling him? I`m stunned. All indications are that the extraordinarily inflated egos of some elected officials cannot co-exist with someone who actually shows leadership. It is no surprise that the greatest lunatic of all, our self-centered and self-centered royal mayor, takes the lead. There is no perfect plan to reopen schools this fall. Each approach will leave some families and staff dissatisfied and worried. My revised proposal is intended to reflect community responses and provide some families with safe learning opportunities for students with special needs. Personally, I am primarily interested in mathematics projects in high schools and high schools, and it is difficult to distinguish from this plan exactly what will happen. There seems to be a rigidity of thought regarding attachment to „differentiated teaching,“ not to mention what might happen if the difference in skills in a classroom proved too great. There may be a break where the whole of the „professional development“ of the world cannot provide adequate training for all students. This report states only that „the Math Academic Honors option offers students the choice to choose prizes in a unique way, instead of enrolling students in a separate honor course.“ A quick reading seems to indicate that the plan is to direct only advanced math learners to supplement their training with online options – something advanced math learners can do independently of Cambridge Public Schools plans.

Luc Schusters Statement (September 6, 2006, link expired) CPSD has strong programs and funding for literacy and math coaches, interventionists and reading specialists in its schools. I am also firmly convinced that it is very inappropriate to use registration statistics (cherry red), performance statistics or other statistics to assess the superintendent`s relatively short tenure. Fowler-Finn and his supporters are equally misguided when it comes to using statistics (picked with cherries) to support their husbands. Statistics may have some long-term value, but I would prefer that each assessment be based on a point-by-point review of the specific measures it has taken and if one agrees with those measures. It is quite possible that most members of the school board will find that they support most of its actions, even if they are disappointed by some of the results. In addition, the significant impact of consolidation of primary schools, restructuring of secondary schools, rising housing costs and demographic changes (and more) must be taken into account in any school evaluations in recent years. – RW Communications are the focus of the Committee`s discussions on tariff targets for contracts with teachers and administrators (units A and B), administrators (unit C), substitute teachers (unit D) and paraprofits (unit E). Each plan has its positive, negative, intentional and unintended consequences, but it is a strong and simple proposal. Staff and parents in some schools are already concerned about a possible eviction to respond to the new configuration. One can also imagine that parents make decisions for primary education programs based on what they perceive as a preferred high school choice.

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