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The departments of physics and chemistry were established in the 1970s. In 1979, due to political and organizational difficulties, the university was closed for two years and reopened with a newly built campus in the neighborhood of La Macarena. It consists of buildings and campuses around the city of Bogota but many students say police reactions are excessively aggressive to cases of vandalism and violence during protests. In a video posted on Twitter in late September and eventually posted in El Espectatdor, ESMAD tanks launch tanks and release tear gas on La Septima, in front of the central campus of Javeriana, to force students protesting on the steps of the private university to disperse. Mayor Información: contacto Maire Información: Portal web del Sistema de Bibliotecas o al correo Alejandra Sánchez, a student representative of the University of Javeriana, claimed that the state budget had not allocated amounts set out in the December 2018 agreements on the financing of higher education. The students asked that 20% or 300 million PESO be financed by public institutions. According to UNEES, the national government refused to comply with the conditions and contributed only part of the agreement. The scandal highlighted persistent corruption in universities, the topic that served as the central complaint for the first university protests at Distrital and then at the National University. In solidarity with the outrage of students enrolled in the public education system, students from the private system, including the Universidad Javeriana, joined the marches. One of the many demands is for the national government to abides by its agreement, which guarantees an additional $4.5 billion in COP ($1.3 million) for higher education in the budget. Mayor Información: contacto o al correo Para hacer la compra de los productos, ingrese a la página: But as marches have continued in recent weeks, student protesters have extended their demands from education reform to police reform and called for violence in police reactions during the recent protests in September and October. It is a web communication system that allows you to organize meetings, conferences, online training or virtual seminars.

The University has had 70 bachelor` and postgraduate programs, in addition to a master`s degree and a diploma….

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