Global Rescue Member Services Agreement

„If you`re an adventurer in the backcount country, your Global Rescue membership should be at the top of your packing list.“ People travelling in the polar Arctic (above 80th parallel north) or Antarctica (below 60th latitude south) are not insured for rescue and evacuation services when travelling to these regions. If you are registering for a family member, please complete the information for one (1) spouse and up to four (4) dependents. You can also contact Global Rescue with additional changes or after the account is created. Global Rescue Family Memberships covers families with up to 4 dependent children under the age of 18 (or up to 23 if your child is enrolled as a full-time student). „Without Global Rescue, I don`t know how I would have my husband with me today. If you are taking these kinds of trips at our age, it is worth taking this extra step and considering being saved if necessary. Q. If I need to be saved from my injury or illness (Field Rescue), will Global Rescue pick me up, even though I won`t need to be hospitalized afterwards? Dr. John All, a climate researcher, did research in the Himalayas when he fell 70 feet into a crevasse. As a member of the American Alpine Club, Dr.

All was able to crawl out and into his tent, but he had suffered very serious injuries. He sent an SOS satellite message to Global Rescue, and we managed a rescue in the field with turners and brought him to safety at an altitude of 19,700 feet. Global Rescue provides medical advice, field relief and evacuation services worldwide. From memberships starting at just $119, Global Rescue performs a field rescue from the point of illness or injury and evacuates members to the home hospital of their choice. In addition, Global Rescue`s team of paramedics and doctors, with the support of Johns Hopkins Medical, is available to provide 24 hours of medical consultation, wherever you are in the world. Medical and security emergencies occur. If that`s the catch, we rely on Global Rescue, the world`s leading member organization, which provides our travelers with integrated medical, security, travel risk and rapid response services around the world. Without Global Rescue membership, an emergency evacuation could cost more than $US 100,000. That`s why more than a million members trust Global Rescue to take them home in the worst case. Don`t travel without Global Rescue. A. Yes.

Global Rescue has done pioneering work in global field rescue and our medical teams understand that an injury in a remote location can have serious consequences. Any illness or injury that leads to the need for emergency assistance is covered by your membership. They will not need to be hospitalized for our emergency services on the ground to be covered. Global Rescue is internationally recognized as a provider of consulting, field rescue and evacuation services. Our commitment to helping members from the point of illness or injury, regardless of distance, and our promise to evacuate to your hospital of your choice is unmatched. For more information, see „I can`t praise you enough. I would have died if you hadn`t come to save me. -Wade Boggs, The Baseball Hall of Famer and Global Rescue Member Your global membership cannot be processed at this time. Please contact Global Rescue directly for assistance at (800) 381-9754 or (617) 459-4200 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST or by email

A: If you suffer from an illness or injury that requires hospitalization and wishes to return home, Global Rescue offers transportation with the medically appropriate form of travel. Global Rescue will determine the means of transportation taking into account the safety, treatment and comfort concerns of the members. We offer transportation by private and commercial plane to our members` home hospital….

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