Importer Of Record Services Agreement

If you would like to learn more about the importer of registrations or if you need to use a carrier or POA to help with your imports, call our team at Interlog USA. In HRL 116344 (25.01.2005), we found that, if the seller of goods retained a „safeguard duty“ on the goods to secure its right to pay for the products sold and shipped, that seller had a permanent „financial interest“ in the goods covered by C.D. 3530-002A, in order to allow the seller to act as an importer: on importation, the goods are registered. In this case, ownership, ownership, and risk of loss passes to the buyer when the seller delivers the products to the foreign carrier for shipment to the customer in the United States. The seller has determined the mode of transport of the goods sold and has charged the buyer for the costs related to the shipment of the goods (shipping, handling, customs, insurance and similar costs). HRL 116344 stated that `notwithstanding the fact that ownership and ownership of the goods are transferred to the [buyer] upon delivery to the foreign port, [the seller] retains, in accordance with its contract of sale, a `safeguard interest` in all such products delivered to [the buyer] `as security for the performance of all the buyer`s obligations] by [buyer]. If a foreign company is interested in exporting and selling goods to South Korea, but does not have a local company or third party to assume responsibility for importing the goods, it must benefit from the services of the Registration Importer (IoR). Importer of Record is an agent who is registered in South Korea and has the corresponding licenses for the import of goods as well as professional knowledge in the field of customs, import taxes, local rules and standards. The importer does not take charge of the goods and remains in the hands of the customer or the end customer. Shipping goods to South Korea is also done on a shipment basis. KOISRA specializes in import consulting and provides record services to foreign companies interested in exporting goods to South Korea and supports them throughout the supply chain, from shipment titles to local distribution and sales to the end customer.

any party having a financial interest in the transaction, including the beneficial owner of the goods, the actual purchaser of the goods, a purchase or sale agent, a person or company that undertakes to send, a person or business that makes purchases in connection with loan or leasing imports, a person or company that imports to a trade show for display; a person or company that injects goods for repair, modification or manufacture, etc. Each of these owners or purchasers may, in his own name, make an entry or designate a licensed customs agent who carries out the registration on his behalf and may be declared importer of the registration on CF 7501. The term „owner“ or „buyer“ would not include a „nominal consignee“ who would not actually have any other right, ownership or interest in the goods unless he possessed a bill of lading, air waybill or other shipping document. The importr of record can be compared to the Dock Supervisor: the importr of record is responsible for the accuracy and responsibility of the goods at the time of importation. In modern and global business models, the registration importer for a large organization can be divided into several parts into the parts of the organization established in the United States….

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