Local 40 Union Collective Agreement

23.08 By mutual agreement, the parties may, prior to arbitration, submit the claims to mediation or expedited mediation in an attempt to resolve the complaint at an early stage. 14.01.10 Continuation of supplementary benefits beyond eight (8) weeks after the date of birth requires a medical certificate in accordance with point 12.06 of this agreement. 5.01.2 Probation officers are those who, at the beginning of their board of directors, are permanently employed for a period of six months. This trial period can be extended by mutual agreement between management and the Union. The employment of a test staff may be interrupted at any time during the six-month trial period, at the discretion of management. 6.03 The employer will present the union with a list of training establishments. Starting January 1 of each year, the Board of Directors will pay an annual amount of $750 per authorized worker who is covered by the agreement and who is on the payroll on the first working day of the year to the health expense account. Eligible workers will actively work in the workplace, maternity leave, paid sick leave, work allowance or prolonged disability. 14.03.3 If both parents are permanent employees of the Board of Directors and are covered by this agreement, both parents may be entitled to parental leave. The above parties agree to the following conditions for workers who work part-time in two or more positions on the Calgary Board of Education and who are subsequently members of several unions: 5.06.1 The parties recognize that it may be necessary, from time to time, to apply or temporarily hire a worker in a position outside the Union`s jurisdiction.

The duration of this temporary transport or detachment may not exceed nine (9) months, but this period of transport or temporary secondment may be extended by mutual agreement between management and the Union. A worker who is temporarily promoted or seconded in a position outside the scope of the Union continues to receive, for the duration of the temporary period of transport or secondment, the service of the service in which he was last employed before adopting the employment outside the union`s jurisdiction. The provisions of this letter must remain in effect beyond the expiry date of September 1, 2011 until August 31, 2014. Provides the union with the following information: The Calgary Board of Education and CUPE Local 40 agree to the creation of a joint committee to verify child care work expectations. The committee consists of two (2) members of each contracting party and begins its work no later than two (2) months after the date of ratification of this collective agreement. In carrying out its work under this Memorandum of Understanding, the Committee`s mandate is as follows: Notwithstanding the mandatory provision of this clause, the union management may, at the request of the union`s management, simultaneously grant leave to an additional member of a department or school, with a maximum of nine (9) employees. There is a consensus that the union is not unduly opposed to this additional request. 3.05 No worker is required or authorized to enter into a written or oral agreement with the employer or the Union which is contrary to the provisions of the collective agreement. 24.02 It is agreed that where vehicle compensation or mileage allowance greater than that mentioned in point 24.01 is provided for in another agreement between the Board of Directors and a group of its employees, or if the Board of Directors authorizes by decision a vehicle allowance or a mileage allowance greater than that provided for workers covered by this agreement.

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