Punjab Wakf Board Lease Agreement

(ii) Notwithstanding the provisions in point i), the leased building is not able to be rebuilt, repaired or restored with proper care within eighty days of the damage, the lessor or taker may terminate the lessor or taker within a fortnight of the date of the accident by communicating in writing to the other party within a fortnight. such a notice from the architect or the landlord`s engineer: (i) for shops, refrigerated warehouses, wedding halls or small industries, the lease is granted for a maximum of ten years; (e) title deeds relating to wakf`s property and the name of the person or persons owned by the person or persons. (f) if the proposal is intended for sale or rental, the expected price or rent is expected, if any. iii) If the rented premises are able, with sufficient care, to be rebuilt, repaired or restored within a hundred and eighty days of the arrival of such damage, the landlord rebuilds the rented premises during this period of one hundred and eighty days and entails an additional period due to strike, lockout, slowdown, lack of equipment or work. , acts of God, acts of war, bad weather or other events that are not subject to the proper control of the landlord, and the rent is cancelled in the manner mentioned at point (i) until the rented premises are rebuilt, repaired or restored. (iii) seize and sell these tenant property and equipment upon receipt of a court order, and may apply the proceeds of this supplement to all rents to which the lessor is entitled under the lease: they had built and paid rent on the board`s land, which was well above the estimated value of the property. so tenants should get the right to property, he asked. (i) „lease year,“ any consecutive period of calendar months during the life of the company that ends at the end of a start year; (6) The gross income of the property, which is included in each wakf. (ii) for the construction or operation of shopping centres, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants or hostels, the rent is granted for a maximum period of thirty years; (h) „leasing,“ „lease“ and „leasing“ have the same meaning as under the Transfer of Ownership Act of 1882 (4 of 1882); (ii) the lessor does not comply with, respect or comply with each of the agreements, agreements and conditions, and does not correct or correct the omission after a one-month termination period of the lessor that requires the lessor to repair, rectify, reduce or comply; (1) The names of wakfs showing Shiite wakfs and Sunni wakfs are separated. 6. A copy of the investigation decision is not only transmitted and published in accord detail under the sub rule (2), but also published in the Official Journal in the language of the district where the Wakf land is located.

Meanwhile, the owners of Wakf in Sonepat organized a protest march in the city. Led by UNION President Ashish Arya, protesters uttered slogans against the implementation of the law. Various trade associations and Haryana Beopar Mandal also supported the protesters. (iii) the tenant immediately makes all payments to arrears and continues to pay the rental rent in accordance with Rule 7 of these rules; and (k) „rental rent,“ the amount the taker must pay to the taker, including the costs associated with the taps and devices connected to the land.

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