Retainership Agreement Sample Philippines

LAW FIRM is entitled, in the performance of its duties, to a fixed monthly storage fee of PESOS: _____P__________ 7. The firm deals with other cases, such as. B referral by the client on fees agreed on a case-by-case basis by the registry and the client, such as. B.B, all acts or cases for or against the client, including senior management and staff members of the CLIENT who are followed in their official capacity; Retainer fees. Once you have found a lawyer to represent you, you need to ensure that the services are maintained for as long as you need them. In return, he would also need a deposit for the services he provides and any costs to the customer. For example, in a company or a company. B a general maintenance fee would include fees for contract design, board decisions, certifications and others. Retention fees vary greatly depending on the client`s situation and most lawyers need a retention agreement or contract. This document generally contains the nature of the work that the lawyer will perform for the client, any other costs and general rights of the lawyer and the client who accepts this agreement. For mutual growth, we encourage our customers to maintain a re-entry agreement with the company. 4.

As part of this retention, the FIRM provides notarial documents and services to the client. Client documents are notarized free of charge, while documents requiring the participation and signature of a party other than the client are subject to a fee or fee at the following rates: 7. The law firm handles other cases that are handled by the client against a fee established by mutual agreement between the law firm and the client, on a case-by-case basis, such as for example. B all actions or matters for or against the CLIENT, including the Client`s senior management and employees, which have been prosecuted in their official capacity; Prevention is better than cure. Any legal trade in the economy has a statute of limitations or a timetable. If you miss these deadlines, you will suffer more losses, more expenses. With a monthly legal editor, you get all this in check. You can take care of all your legal affairs in time without you taking care of them. If we think here in the Philippines about the use of legal services, the first thing citizens would think about is the amount of money we are talking about. If you are considering hiring a lawyer, the things that must first be taken into consideration, the expertise, strengths, records of the lawyer and his experience in the area where you need help, but this is not how it works in a third country.

Legal documents, legal documents. You will never have to deal with monthly legal retention again. Whenever you need something notarized, an affidavit, a contract, a secretarial certificate, call it, there is. You no longer need to look for it anywhere, we have it. With a view to reciprocal growth, we encourage our customers to have a nature protection agreement with the company. CONSIDERING that the law firm has offered the client its professional legal services and that the client undertakes to retain the professional legal services of the law firm as part of a retainership, subject to the following conditions: NOW, for and taking into account the mutual agreements and understandings agreed herein, the client and the law firm, through these presents in which the law firm provides legal services to the client in the conditions 1. The duration or duration of this Contract shall be one (1) year from the signing of this Agreement and shall be automatically renewed from one year to the next, unless one of the Parties terminates it by written notification thirty (30) days in advance, without justification; However, if you are not entitled to DEAP services, please contact Yap, Kung, Ching and Associates Law Services at 632-790-0112 to provide you with legal assistance….

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