Secondment Agreement Data Protection

In the event of secondment, it is expected that the Member`s employment with his or her employer will not be affected by the secondment, that his or her employment will continue and that he or she will return to his or her original role at the end of the secondment. If you are seconded to us, we ask you to complete a declaration of political affiliation. In addition, you are expected to adhere to a confidentiality agreement and code of conduct agreed with your organization. Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, more thought needs to be given to how the personal data of the seconded party is exchanged between the employer and the host in order to facilitate the posting. It is likely that the employer and host will be responsible for the data for GDPR purposes. While a secondment within the same employer or group can be managed relatively informally, for example, the secondment of an employee to a third-party organization. B a client or client, is best obtained by a formal secondment agreement between the two parties. The posting agreement between the posted worker`s employer (the MP) and the „host“, to whom the posted worker is posted, should contain some key concepts that will be discussed below. Some reels require a higher level of safety release – this is clear in the display or job description (or both).

In this context, you will be asked to provide information about the national security clearance process to hmRC. HMRC is responsible for this information. If you use our online application system, your data will be collected by our subcontractor Vacancy Filler on our behalf. In order to avoid service-related problems, it is advisable to define the working hours, the type of work and the person or team to whom the seconded worker will report for the duration of the secondment. For vacancies in management areas, we sometimes call on Hays Recruitment. Hays collects application information and may ask you to complete a work preference questionnaire that will be used to assess your suitability for the role. results are evaluated through staff intermediaries. Information collected by Hays is retained for 12 months after the end of our agreement with Hays.

Here is a link to Hays` privacy policy. A worker`s contractual right to leave cannot be reduced without his consent. As a general rule, the parties agree that the seconded party is entitled to annual leave under the employment contract. However, the employer and host must make arrangements for how leave requests are to be handled during the secondment, for example. B to whom requests for leave must be submitted for approval. Performance management during the secondment of a staff member should not be neglected, especially in the case of a longer secondment. The parties may provide for a mechanism to keep the employer informed of the seconded worker`s performance. In the event of secondment on the basis of the services provided, essential service areas are advised in advance by the seconded person. If the Second uses the host`s equipment and information during deployment, it is a good idea to include in the secondment agreement a clause requiring the return of host ownership and the permanent deletion of host data from all personal devices used during the second. If you agree to participate in a secondment, the terms of the posted employment contract will inevitably be modified.

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