Travel Agency Agreements

Incentives do not apply to all fares, including, but not limited to Mileage Plan price reservations, non-refundable and non-changeable fares (such as Saver fares), Alaska Airlines vacation packages, travel fares, most first-class discounted fares and many submitted private fares. All trips must be booked in the appropriate service class for incentives to apply. Incentives apply only at the place of purchase and should not be applied retroactively. Full agreement. These terms and conditions, as well as the ticketing contract of the travel agency, contain all agreements and agreements concluded between the contracting parties concerning the purpose of the ticketing agreement of the travel agency and include all negotiations, insurance and prior agreements, written or oral, between the contracting parties on this subject. Each party acknowledges that no party has made any commitment, inducement, promise or oral or other agreement. No other agreements, declarations or commitments that are not included in these terms and conditions or in the ticketing contract of the travel agency, and no changes or modifications to the ticketing contract for travel agencies are applicable unless they are written and signed by both parties. Travel agency agreements should specify that the Agency must change or withdraw its prices at any time and that pricing is only guaranteed when the customer has fully paid for the booking. Processing confidential information. Each party recognizes the importance of the other party`s confidential information.

In particular, each party acknowledges and agrees that the confidential information provided by the other party is essential to its respective business and that neither party would enter into the ticketing contract for the travel agency without guaranteeing that such information and its value is protected in accordance with this provision. Accordingly, each party agrees: (a) the receiving party will strictly keep confidential information it receives and will use and authorize the use of confidential information for the sole purpose of the travel agency`s ticketing contract. without limitation, the receptive party takes at least the same degree of diligence, but no less due diligence to avoid the disclosure or use of this confidential information, as the receiving party uses for its own confidential information of similar importance; (b) The receiving party may disclose or provide access to its responsible staff who need information only to the extent necessary to carry out its obligations; (c) The recipient party will in future establish and apply rules and guidelines to protect against the access or use or disclosure of confidential information that does not comply with the travel agency`s ticketing contract, including, but not limited to, written instructions and agreements with employees and agents related to a confidentiality obligation that is no less strict than what is provided for in this provision. to ensure that these agents and agents protect confidentiality. confidential information. The receiving party will expressly order its employees and agents not to disclose confidential information to third parties without the prior written consent of the revealing party, including, but not exclusively, to clients, subcontractors or consultants; and (d) the receiving party will promptly inform the open party of any unauthorized disclosure or use and will cooperate with the revealing party in order to protect all property rights and ownership of its confidential information.

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