Vessel Management Agreement

`crew assistance cost` means any expenditure of a general nature which does not relate specifically to a single ship currently managed by the managers and which is borne by the managers for the purpose of providing an efficient economic management service and, without prejudice to the general quality of the premeditated service, the costs of the crew`s on-call remuneration; Training programmes, sickness benefits, education allowances, recruitment and job interviews. The standard shipbuilding supervision agreement, codenamed SUPERMAN, clearly defines the obligations and obligations of a ship manager with regard to the provision of surveillance services for a new construction project. This is an agency-based agreement, in which the supervisory authorities are for and on behalf of the owners. SUPERMAN is imitating shipman 2009 and includes the same liability provision structure. Payment is made on the basis of „fees plus fees“. The latest issue of this contract is SUPERMAN, published in 2016. The copyright in SUPERMAN belongs to BIMCO….

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